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Policy Updated

When it comes to being adequate for using English, I've been focusing on maximizing the amount of output.
Especially for an ability that allows me to extract my thoughts in a shorter amount of time. 

I'd been thinking like

If I want to speak in English, then speak whatever in English.
If I want to write in English, then write whatever in English.

Kind of like that.
And it's been my policy for a long time.

But I've realized just a while ago, it was not a matter of that. 
It is a matter of the amount of input.

Because I think a massive amount of input will help a specific situation that I've been working on.
I have had some moments that I had things to say but it just didn't come out in any language.

I certainly had something.
I had some sort of idea in my mind at the moment.

However, those hadn't been composed to any shape in any language, yet.

Those were just something. 
If you have learned any languages besides your first language, you may know.

And that situation means I have some empty spaces here and there inside my brain.

So, I need to fill the spaces up with some decent amount of something. 
That is input.

I think I need a massive one. 

A massive amount of input will become pieces inside my brain.
And then, those pieces will become big enough at some point.
And then, those will connect.
And then, mutual connections will happen.
And then, when it comes to the situation I had had a pause, my brain would produce ideas as English ones next time.

Stay tuned!

February 23, 2022