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The reason why I travel

I've been liking traveling for no particular reason for a long time.
Somehow, I've realized one of them apparently, I think.

I have had so many breathtaking and spectacular moments throughout my entire travel history.
That is definitely addictive and I've enjoyed those beautiful moments a lot.

I've also enjoyed the tranquility away from my city life.
Enjoying nature, reading and journaling are my typical travel mates.

Even if only 1% of the trip is great and the left 99% is not, it is still meaningful for me.
I've noticed it.

Because I miss my daily life, friends, and family.
I've realized that this is the reason that I travel.

I don't even need to make it great or nice.
The appreciation for what I currently have is one of the greatest feelings I could ever feel.

For example, restaurants are sometimes unexpectedly closed, even though GoogleMaps still says those are open.
Public transportations are very poor in the countryside. Buses come one time in an hour, it does not look like that in Tokyo where I live, they come once in three minutes. Yeah, it is inconvenient. Sometimes, I feel meh.

But it is not a problem at all.

The time I miss what I have in my ordinary days makes me feel fantastic.
And after I had the appreciation, I've been transformed from who I was.

Let's get out of our daily lives sometimes✌️

March 4, 2022